Where can I find your stores?

Currently, we have 8 locations including kiosks at Friary Centre at Guildford, the Fairy place at Basingstoke and an independent store along Queens street at Portsmouth. We have expanded into other cities such as Plymouth and Brighton. Please keep an eye on our Instagram (@bubblecitea) to find out our new openings!

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea (Chinese: 珍珠奶茶), also known as pearl milk tea or boba tea, is a tea-based drink that originates from Taiwan. It features a base made from tea, fruit or milk and toppings at the bottom of the cup. The process of making the bubble tea is entirely handmade, starting from freshly brewed tea base, mixing with milk or fruit juices, then adding tasty toppings such as tapioca pearls, popping fruit boba, fruit jelly or puddings, and finally handshaking the drink vigorously.

Is Bubble Tea popular?

Bubble tea has been extremely popular in Taiwan and this trend has been spreading across the world in the past decade. There are currently over 10,000 stores/tea bars selling bubble tea worldwide - and that’s not taking into consideration of the independent retailers and small franchises. It is indeed a worldwide phenomenon!

Is Bubble Tea suitable for young children?

Due to the chewy nature of tapioca pearls, we would recommend not to supply tapioca pearls to children younger than 5 years old. However, our fruit tea range is perfectly suitable for young children and they generally love them!

Do you offer vegan options?

All of Bubble CiTea’s drinks are suitable for vegans except for milk based teas. However, milk can be swapped for plant-milk such as almond or soya. When ordering, it is best to let staff know that you are a vegan so they can prepare the drink accordingly to ensure it is 100% vegan.

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